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Chiefs Message

On behalf of the Emerson Police Department, It is with great pride that I present our official web site to the public and more importantly the residents of Emerson. Technology in today’s environment is an essential tool in providing vital communications and as such, will allow us to share important information in a timelier manner.

With the present economy, the department’s manpower at a 34 year low and the demand to lower municipal and state budgets, we still find it necessary to be as vigilant as possible and find creative ways to continue our community policing efforts and promote good will. It is therefore with considerable excitement that we were able to develop an innovative approach to continue our collaborative partnership and enhance our policing efforts in Emerson.

The Emerson Police website will be a valuable resource and disseminate practical information on neighborhood safety and meaningful ways to protect your home. You will also be apprised of recent crime and suggestions of prevention. Every resident has the responsibility to report suspicious activity in their neighborhood and we believe become an essential component to the safety of all residents. I encourage all to be vigilant and help us help you. Keep your eyes and ears open and “if you see something say something”.

You will also find a profile of every police officer in Emerson with a brief resume and personal message for your review. We will post our upcoming community events sponsored by the Police Department and Community Policing unit. The web will be constantly monitored and kept up to date with worthwhile topics and first hand insight to the latest news in the “family town”.

I maintain an open door policy and will make myself available to assist you in any way possible. You can contact me via phone or email and I look forward to the challenges ahead and will continue to serve the Emerson Police Department and this community with distinction and pride.

Very truly yours,

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