DWI / Alcotest

It shall be the responsibility of this unit to be the custodian of records of all certified operation documents pertaining to the Alcotest machine and to coordinate the training/re-certification of all department operators. Further duties of this unit include maintaining the proper supplies and documents necessary for the unit’s efficient operation, including solution changes, preparation and maintenance of records, schedule DWI roadblocks and special patrol details. It shall be the responsibility of the unit coordinator, or his designee, to see to the preparation of a statistical report relating to the productivity of each department member and the testing statistics of all Alcotest operators. This report will be forward to the Chief of Police on a monthly basis.  It shall also be the responsibility of the unit coordinator to recognize deficiencies in DWI arrest productivity within the Department and to notify the Patrol Commander in writing of such deficiencies.

Unit Coordinators
Sgt. Stephen Clark

Alcotest Operations
 Sgt. Joseph Alasio

P.O Randy Velez


Unit Members
All Certified Operators